Kanata United Church Outreach Committee Role and Financial Resource Allocation


 The purpose of this outline is to:

  • Clarify committee activities for committee members
  • Inform church committees and church congregation regarding outreach role, functions, activities and committee guidelines
  • Facilitate orientation of new committee members
  • Provide guidelines for criteria based allocation of committee financial resource funds.

 Duties and Terms of Reference:

  • Encourage and support the growing relationship of KUC to the community, the nation and the world
  • Reflect on KUC’s approach to outreach and provide recommendations to Council and the congregation on KUC’s outreach strategy as well as annual recommendations on overall funding levels and their general allocation.
  • Identify areas of social action and concern on a local, national and international level and raises the conscience of church members to these issues.
  • Develop a KUC response to local concerns that we, individually or collectively, can influence.
  • Encourage cooperation with other churches and agencies in joint projects throughout the world, for example:  Kanata Stittsville Refugee Sponsorship Group (KSRSG).
  • Communicate to the KUC congregation, for example, through Sharing our Faith (the third Sunday of each month) how Outreach, Mission & Service and members of the congregation are helping meet the needs of our neighbours locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Review requests from outside agencies and organizations for financial assistance and recommends what action should be taken.
  • Provide a discreet channel for aid to local families and individuals.



 The Outreach Committee functions within the mission of Kanata United Church  “providing outreach into the community and beyond in order to promote the Christian Faith, serve those in need, and help overcome the evils and injustices that harm God’s people”.


 As a resource service committee of KUC, the Outreach Committee role includes:

  • Referring requests to appropriate persons within and outside of KUC
  • Responding to requests, including financial support  and resource needs, in the local and beyond communities
  • Participating in community outreach activities
  • Fundraising
  • Increasing awareness concerning outreach opportunities
  • Sharing information about KUC Outreach activities
  • Supporting KUC work as requested
  • Allocating committee financial funds


 Allocation Criteria:

 The allocation of financial resources is made according to the following criteria:

  • Local needs, especially those identified by members of the congregation,  are given first consideration.  Requests from the greater Ottawa area can be referred to their local United Church.
  • Groups involved in social justice action
  • Associations, organizations, and groups with clear structures in place rather than individuals
  • Associations and groups that rely on individual donations and do not have financial support from corporations or government
  • Groups not well known and not well supported
  • Organizations with small budgets that help many people
  • Refugee sponsorship
  • Emergency and discretionary support