KUC Council

Kanata United Church Terms of Reference can be found here.

The Council leads, supports and nurtures the congregation in its vision as a Christian faith community. As such, it is the decision-making body of KUC, and as such it conducts all business of KUC on behalf of the congregation. The council meets the third Tuesday of every month except July and August at 7 pm via Zoom. All are welcomed to attend the meetings.


Minister: Rev. Cindy Casey

Chair: Julia Duffy

Past Chair:

Chair Elect:

Secretary: Al Quirt

Building & Grounds: Bob Chanter, representative

Christian Development: Sue Davidson

Communications: Al Quirt

Finance: Kathy Beamish

Member-at-Large: Robert Ashton, Kathleen Turner

Ministry & Personnel: Jan Chanter

Outreach: Donna Caron, representative

Trustees: Ron Allen, representative

Worship: Brenda Beattie

Youth Member-at-Large: 

Regional Rep:  Al Quirt


n order to ensure Council can be reached directly, and in a manner that does not burden those dedicated to serving in this leadership role, we invite members of the KUC community to share any correspondence by email at: correspondencetocouncil@kuc.ca

These emails will be received for information and addressed in a timely manner with all non-urgent matters being addressed at our regularly scheduled meetings.