Establishing an Autonomous National Indigenous Organization

Presented to the Congregation of KUC Nov. 26, 2023 

I am pleased to announce that your KUC Council has voted YES to a vote (called a remit) where every governing body in the United Church of Canada was called on to make a decision.  We are saying YES to removing obstacles to the establishment of an autonomous National Indigenous Organization within the United Church of Canada.   

With this YES we say “welcome” to the many Indigenous members.  Instead of singing, “Sit down. You’re rocking the boat” we’re singing, “Come in and sit down. You are a part of the family.”  

This is what we are saying YES to:  

Our Indigenous brothers and sisters in faith –
You have been heard and you are respected. We trust you to follow your traditions and your visions of the future, how you see fit, within the United Church of Canada.

In 2024 we will hear if a majority of other churches have also voted YES. 

~K. Turner

Resources Available:

1. Indigenous Christian Rev. Murray Pruden was the guest editor of the Broadview Indigenous Vision Special issue. He responds to the question, “Why do you participate in a church or follow the Christian religion?” in a one page introduction to the issue.

2. A six minute video by Sara Stratton and Adele Halliday of the UCC that answers some questions on the remit.
3. A 37 minute video presentation recorded on May 16, 2023 by Rev. Dr. Teresa Burnett-Cole, Minister of Glebe St. James United Church here in Ottawa (who led our Remembering the Children ceremony at KUC) that answers more questions you may have.