Kanata United Church is pleased to offer a free-of-charge youth music program for kids ages 5-13: Growing in Song. 

This program is intended to introduce your child to musical concepts through a holistic approach. While we do refer to the program as a “choir” (and it is!), the program offers many other forms of music learning through games, the use of musical instruments, dancing, composing, and improvising as well as the traditional focus of singing.

Any choir is both a community and a team activity, and your child will learn universal skills like team building, support for others, and responsibility in addition to the specific musical skills we will be developing.

It is our hope that kids who participate in our Growing in Song program bring their gifts with them wherever they go, using them to understand and interact with the world around them in a positive way.

If you are interested in enrolling your kids in this program, please email our Director of Music, Nick Busch ().