Ukraine Response – How Can We Help?

Ukraine Conflict

The past few weeks we have found ourselves reeling in the news of what is occurring in Ukraine, and for many of us the question has been “How can we help”? Without question, the response to such a question will evolve over the next several months, and I want to assure you that the United Church of Canada, our Eastern Ontario-Outaouais Region, and your KUC Leadership Teams are seeking ways to answer that very important question. ~ Rev. Cindy Casey, Minister, Kanata United Church

Please CLICK HERE to read a letter from our Minister, Reverend Cindy Casey in regards to the current situation in Ukraine.

More information can be found through our Regional website,

                                      Please read about how EOORC is supporting and responding to the crisis. CLICK HERE

Tears for Ukraine

A few days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, local artist Susan Maslin created a cloth-and-wood sculpture, in the colours of the Ukrainian Flag, for a wall near the pulpit at Kanata United Church. It is called Tears for Ukraine.

Sadly, many months later the tragic war still continues, and the sculpture remains to remind us to pray for peace.