Children Youth and Families

Children, Youth and Families

A Warm welcome to new and returning Families to the Children, Youth and Family Programs!

Children and youth have always played an important role at Kanata United Church. Here, not only are children and youth welcomed with open arms, but they are truly a part of our faith community. Whether being a part of the Church School, youth group or active members on committees, outreach or fundraising events, the delightful presence of youth is always visible and encouraged.

The CYF Committee and many volunteers,  the youth will learn and experience a new understanding of our faith. Some of these experiences are through art, music, stories and reflection. We hope you’ll join us on our exploration!

Kidsown Program

‘Kidsown’ our Sunday morning Church School program for children in JK to grade 6 is a safe and informative space for our younger members to grow in their faith.

Teens from grade 7 & up, are invited to join in the ‘Teen Compass Faith and Wellness’ program lead by CYF minister Terrie Chedore. Here, teens will discuss a variety of topics including organizational skills and dealing with stress that will help not only in through teenage years but far beyond. Teens see how their faith can serve as a compass and guide for their everyday life.

Parents are invited to bring babies 12 months and under directly to the Sanctuary and children ages 12 months to 3 years are invited to join in storytime, fun and play with experienced leadership across from the Sanctuary during the service.

 Youth members are always encouraged to help during Kidsown as leaders or assist in the preschool room.

 Youth Groups and Activities

Children and Youth at KUC have always been valued and active members of the church and community. We encourage children and youth to continue their involvement through various committees, activities and programs. Some of which include, ushering and greeting, mission work, murder mystery evenings, Book Fair, Flea Market and community outreach projects.

Traditionally, Friday evenings are reserved for our 3 Youth Groups, Grades 4 to 6, Grade 7 & 8 (Out & About) and High School Youth (YOGO). They gather and spend time together playing games, cooking, outings such as movies, bowling, rock climbing, or fulfilling various outreach projects while growing as individuals and helping in the community.

The CYF Committee will inform youth and parents of dates and activities planned

Youth Travel Opportunities

The youth at KUC have been very fortunate to have the support of KUC to help with various travel activities that include such enriching experiences like GO Project, Rendezvous and Habitat for Humanity. Those that have participated in such events will tell that such activities allow them to grow in countless ways and have truly been life-changing experiences.

For further information on these or any of our children, youth and family programs, please be sure to contact us at 

Respectfully submitted by

Sue Davidson (CYF Chair)