Book Fair 2021

Book Fair 2021 Book Drop will OPEN January 15 – February 7, 2021


To help with sorting out the books (minimizing time we need to spend sorting, etc.), we are asking our Community to help our team by taking note of the following criteria for the books before you box them up for your drop-off:

  • All books should be in good condition – no rips, stains, mold, creases or mark up; dust jackets present and undamaged (if applicable)
  • Fiction: except for Classics, publication date 2006 and newer;
  • Non-fiction: no limit on a date, but please think about whether the content is still relevant.  For instance, travel guides and books on computers or current affairs go out of date quickly.
  • Children’s: no limit on a date, but please check the condition;
  • Old and rare books: older than 1960;
  • No magazines, dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks, condensed books, or library discard books.
  • We won’t be including DVDs or CDs in the next Book Fair, but the Flea Market is planning a category for them.
  • In general, please consider if you’d reasonably expect someone to pay $2 or $3 (or more) for this book.  (Or $1 or $2 if it is a child’s book.)