In this time of great uncertainty, your Community of Faith, Church Council, Ministry Personnel and staff team are continuing to provide worship and pastoral care, and continue to work on the governance and the mission of ministry of the church.

Here are some important pieces you can take note of:

Live Streaming of Worship:   
Live Stream Worship Service

 Pastoral Care:  One of the many blessings of KUC is in the strength of our Pastoral Care Teams.  If you need anything picked up, would just like to have a friendly chat, or wish to share a concern of yours or a concern for another, please just let us know. Your Pastoral Care Team continues to serve during this time.  You are invited to email us at:  Please put PASTORAL CARE in the subject line so your email can be forwarded to Wilma Free, our Pastoral Care Chair who will spring the team into action!  If on the other hand, you were wanting to speak with me directly, you can email me directly at: and please put OUTREACH in the subject line, and Penny Gelinas, Chair of Outreach or a member of the Outreach Team will be in touch.

Governance:  For the duration of the pandemic emergency, KUC Council will meet more frequently, bi-weekly instead of monthly, so it can better support the work of our staff, committees, and volunteers who are helping our congregation and community during this crisis. 

Financial Support:   While our reserves are sufficient to sustain KUC during a prolonged emergency, Council is asking everyone who is not currently on PAR (Preauthorization Remittance) to consider doing so – even if only for the duration of the epidemic. Please email the church if you wish to be put on PAR or have any questions (

Alternatively, you are invited to make your weekly offering or special donation in this time of crisis through CanadaHelps directly to KUC by CLICKING HERE