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  • We provide opportunities for people of all ages and singing experience to offer their musical gifts in worship and to develop friendships by making music with others.  Choirs include the Sounds of Joy for pre-schoolers, the Alleluia Singers for ages 6 to 8, the Intermediate Choir for ages 9 to 14, and the Adult Choir.
  • Our principle instruments are a 14-stop pipe organ rebuilt by Guilbault-Therien and a Young Chang grand piano.  They are often supplemented by other instruments, including strings, winds, percussion and guitar.
  • All choirs and band welcome new members.
  • Hymns are both contemporary and traditional, chosen from Voices United or More Voices.  Hymn singing is led by our choirs at the 10:00 service.
  • Special music at Christmas includes our Carols, Candles and Cookies evening featuring the band and the children's choirs.
  • In the spring of each year, our congregation presents a musical drama based on a Biblical theme.
  • At the end of the choir year, the three children's choirs provide the music for worship one Sunday, by singing scripture, prayers, and other parts of the liturgy as well as anthems.