I grew up on the South Shore of Montréal in a French-speaking family. During my youth, I was actively involved in international solidarity movements, summer camps and semi-professional theatre. All those experiences have developed my creativity, my dynamism and my desire to be in solidarity with the less fortunate of this world. As a minister, I work hard to deliver meaningful and inspiring sermons that link the essential elements of Christian faith with the passion of the people in the pews. Through worship, sacraments and pastoral care, I always look to reach out to people, wherever they stand on their spiritual journey. I also believe we must reclaim the driving force behind Paul’s missionary journeys when distinctions between gender, race, status and affiliation were set aside in order to build a new community where everyone will be welcomed. I am also involved with the wider Church. In the last few years, I have been involved in the intercultural dialogue between the various communities within the United Church. If you are looking for me during a church activity, you will most likely find me drinking coffee, telling jokes or cleaning dishes in the kitchen.

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