Our Purpose


We believe our congregation is called to love all those entrusted to our care.


As a Pastoral Care Team we seek to offer support through listening, affirmation prayer and referral.


We show our care and concern by:


  • Visits/phone calls to those in need;
  • Visits to those who are in hospital, care facilities or sick at home;
  • Support of individuals and families in times of crisis or bereavement;
  • Arranging for special worship services, home communion, care facilities, hospitals;
  • Support to caregivers;
  • Distribution of cd's and bulletins of church services;
  • Driving to medical appointments and/or church.


If you have need of some special support or assistance from our church, please contact the office, or the Pastoral Care Team.


Or, if you are aware of someone who might benefit from our support, please obtain their permission first and then let us know how we can help.


Pastoral Care & Funeral Team:
Minister: Rev. Cindy Casey
Coordinator: Wilma Free
Secretary: Margaret Burman
Eleanor Currie, Bev Hall, Alex MacKinnon, Mike Nyenhuis, Margaret McGarry, Andrea Wilmott, Peter Perry, Sally Duke


Funeral Coordinator: Don George
Funeral Reception: Thelma Mason, Donna Hobbs & Joan Brown