Ministry & Personnel 


The United Church speaks of “the ministry of all” in the Statement on Ministry in The United Church of Canada (2012):

Through the Spirit, who enlivens and renews the church, all members are empowered to share in Christ’s ministry, the work of the church. The church is about God’s mission in the world, living out the gospel message through action, that there will be shalom for God’s creatures and healing for God’s creation. Ministry serves God’s mission in the world.

As an employer, The United Church of Canada seeks to embody the dynamics of God’s emerging reign. We seek to be an integrated peace-making, justice-seeking community. We wish to provide a working environment where people can enjoy their work and realize the contribution they are making toward living out God’s mission in the world. The Ministry and Personnel committee is mandatory and fulfills three distinct roles: consultation and support, facilitating healthy relationships, and performance review.   (UCC M&P Policies and Procedures)

Chair:  Vacant

Members:  Jennifer George, Sandra Quirt, Ruth Sword, Colleen Kelley

The Ministry and Personnel (M&P) Committee plays a consultative and supportive role for the staff, members and adherents of KUC.  We are one of the few Committees that the United Church of Canada requires be established whatever type of governance model is adopted by a congregation.  We are accountable to the KUC Council and make recommendations to Council for decisions on matters that fall under our responsibility. 

In general, your M&P Committee fulfills the following four main roles:

M&P plays a consultative role by encouraging and facilitating healthy dialogue between ministry personnel and the congregation in support of furthering as fully and effectively as possible KUC’s mission, goals and objectives.  We also listen to staff concerns and make recommendations regarding self-care and working conditions.

M&P plays a supervisory role by conducting annual reviews of ministry personnel and staff in support of furthering KUC’s mission and goals.  We work with ministry personnel and other staff in the setting of their goals. We ensure that staff has current and accurate position descriptions. We consult with staff on vacation dates and continuing education plans, making recommendations to Council.  We make recommendations to Council on annual salary levels or contract amounts.  We show appreciation for ministry staff personnel and staff, including recognition at KUC’s AGM.

M&P plays an educational role in helping to create an environment in which constructive feedback may be offered and received.  We recognize that hearsay and gossip do not represent appropriate avenues for feedback.  M&P ensures there is a healthy process in place for allowing everyone to lift up concerns and celebrations.

M&P plays a conflict resolution role by hearing and testing the legitimacy of concerns as they are raised and finding ways to resolve concerns by being a “non-anxious” presence in the midst of conflicted circumstances.

Your KUC Ministry and Personnel Committee is composed of Colleen Kelley - liaison with Music Director, Josh Zentner-Barrett); Sandra Quirt - liaison with our Office Administrator, Andrea Wilmott; Jennifer George; Ruth Sword,.

Our focus is on:  supporting our personnel and new ministry model; promoting a strong team dynamic among staff; developing a renewed approach to annual reviews and creating a more visible and clear process for allowing everyone to lift up concerns and to address possible areas of conflict.

We welcome your comments and concerns.

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