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Ministry Position of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care (full-time)

Kanata United Church is an active Ottawa congregation, seeking both a full-time ordained or diaconal minister of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care and a half-time minister for our thriving Children, Youth, and Family ministry who will work together to balance the congregational needs.  We are looking for leaders who are committed and equipped to enable our congregation to be effective followers of Jesus’ way. 


Our ministers will be part of a team that includes a full-time Administrator and a part time Music Director (well-versed in scripture and liturgy) who leads four choirs (children, youth, teens and adult) and a band. Lay people comprise a most valuable part of our ministry team at KUC.  They minister in the areas of Pastoral Care, Outreach, Faith Learning and Development, as well as Children, Youth and Family ministry.


Our vision is to grow not only our very successful Children, Youth and Families ministry, but also encourage and enable worship expression that opens the congregation to the life and work of Jesus to foster and develop spiritual growth. Currently, half our congregation is under the age of 50 with nearly forty children attending on Sundays, in addition to other programs. Under the ministry of both positions working together we want to directly engage our neighbours to develop community through joint service and to expand our established inter- and intra-generational congregational ministry.  We also seeking and welcoming of diversity and are embarking on the Affirming process.


The following Position Descriptions will provide an overall summary of the various aspects of responsibilities, become the basis of a tool for on-going self-assessment and evaluation and entail a 40-hour week (full-time position).


Ministry Position of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care (full-time)

Relationships, Accountability and Reporting

• A full-time Ministry personnel is to be responsible, in conjunction with the Church Council, for the general direction and leadership of the church, coordinating an integrated approach to the various aspects of the life and work of KUC.

• A full-time Ministry personnel will be coordinator for the church staff team, with the purpose of collegial and cooperative team functioning, and with support for each other in their specific roles. The congregation has a culture of lay leadership and Council/committee structure, and as such, are active partners in this team ministry.

• As congregational needs vary and evolve, it may become necessary to adjust and adapt time allocations and/or focus shifts. These will be made by mutually agreed upon arrangements, and be accomplished with the assistance and support of the Ministry and Personnel Committee.

• A full-time Ministry personnel, as per United Church polity and policy, is accountable to Ottawa Presbytery and to the pastoral charge through the M&P Committee. The M&P committee, on behalf of the KUC Council conducts an annual review of each staff member’s responsibilities, objectives, performance and results, as well as on-going performance monitoring.


Qualifications and Skills

• Ordered Minister, Ordained or Diaconal, recognized by the United Church of Canada.

• Bring a ministry of Presence to her/his expression of their Call, with an ability to empower and enable capable lay leaders, encouraging congregants to live out their day-to-day ministry.

• Grounded in current Biblical and theological scholarship.

• Appreciation and care for the theological journeys that congregants are experiencing.

• Appreciation of, and for, intergenerational experiences in the life and work of the congregation.

• An attitude that encourages experiential, participative, interactive and community commitment in making worship and work cohesive elements of church life.

• Creative approach to offering worship, liturgy. Sermons relevant to our time, spiritually and intellectually.

• Engage in life-long learning and mentoring of the congregation to encourage and develop interest in and enthusiasm for congregants' own faith learning and development.

• An open and inviting demeanor for those who are seeking and questioning.

• Training, strengths and grounding in pastoral care and spiritual counselling.


Terms of Call

KUC intends to attract experienced ministers who are challenged and excited by the opportunities for renewal and growth embodied in our congregation and community. We have carefully examined our present and anticipated financial resources and commitments, and we can offer employment conditions, salary and benefits that satisfy all requirements of the United Church of Canada and are competitive with those offered by other pastoral charges.

Note: all relevant terms below are pro-rated, as appropriate, for the half-time Minister


KUC will offer a salary commensurate with the established United Church of Canada guidelines plus an additional amount commensurate with the candidate’s experience, skills and qualifications (to be negotiated). We are willing to accept applications from those in all salary categories (A to F). Salary terms will be reviewed annually.

Relocation Expenses

KUC follows established United Church of Canada guidelines.

Travel Allowance

KUC follows established United Church of Canada guidelines ($0.42 per kilometer based on the UCC 2018 compensation guidelines).

Continuing Education and Learning Resources Allowance

KUC’s education and book allowance assists with the cost of professionally related courses and purchase of resource material. Pertinent software may also be considered. A yearly maximum of $2,000.00 is provided. Prior approval by the M&P Committee is required.

Home Telephone and/or Cell Phone

KUC provides for a maximum monthly re-imbursement of $35.00.

Vacation Time

The position includes annual vacation according to established United Church of Canada guidelines arranged in consultation with the M&P Committee. Ministers are expected to

cooperate and coordinate their vacation time.

Study Leave Time

In accordance with established United Church of Canada guidelines, Ministers are entitled to study leave time, arranged in consultation with M&P Committee.

Special Leave Time

As the situation warrants, and subject to established United Church of Canada guidelines and Ottawa Presbytery guidance, Ministers are entitled to special leave for disability, maternal and paternal, bereavement and compassionate purposes. Subject to UCC Sabbatical Leave Policy and consistent with our commitment to Faith Development and Learning, Ministers may apply for special study leave.

Statutory Holidays

Ministers are entitled to take Statutory Holidays and when one of the recognized statutory holidays named below falls on a Sunday, there will be compensatory time off in lieu at the earliest opportunity. Statutory Holidays are: New Years, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter, Victoria Day, Canada Day, August Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Employer’s Share of Benefits

Not included in the Guidelines are detailed criteria for UCC pension, Group Insurance, Employer Health Tax, Employment Insurance, Disability Insurance and CPP. These items are included in the budget in accordance with Revenue Canada, established United Church of Canada and Ottawa Presbytery guidelines.

Office Support

Ministers are entitled to adequate office administrative support as arranged through the M&P Committee and the use of adequate office equipment. KUC’s Office Administrator works 37.5 hours a week for 46 weeks. Office support is considerably decreased during the summer months.


We encourage you to review our Joint Needs Assessment Report at:http://www.kuc.ca/index.php/features/jnap-information/jnap-report-kanata-united-church-revision-jan-30-2018.